Booting up…

So here we are. The fabled VGS 3000 is up and running.

Basically the way this whole blog is gonna work is this :

Tusedays and Fridays we will have a game review up. Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays we will just have simple blog entries. The idea is that we both post and hopefully that does happen.

Why are our reviews going to be so different and amazingly more important to read than anyone elses?

Well, we will not be giving anything a score or anything conventional. We will be giving it a dollar value of what we think that game is worth. So it shall be interesting!

Apart from that, lets all just try and have some fun and keep your hands inside the carriage at all times.

Don’t feed the dolphins.

2 things worth mentioning

1) X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer

Removed (see below)

So yeah, looks quite amazing. And……….

2) The Day The Earth Stood Still Trailer

Also looks quite good.

So yes, hopefully my partner will begin posting soon. Hopefully i’ll be back with our first review tomorrow.

Edit 29/7 : Wolverine trailer got removed from youtube. Who knows why.

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