This has nothing to do with SC IV but it's amazing

This has nothing to do with SC IV but it's amazing

I’m so tired and sick and whatever is wrong with me.

So i’ll make this short and amazing

I reviewed the PS3 version so hard drive install was an issue i wanted to confront. Surprisingly this game had an optional hard drive install. I installed it anyway cause i’m an impatient buttface, but it’s a very nice inclusion.

If you haven’t gathered from the title of this post, i found playing as Darth Vader with a japanese voice quite hilarious. The ability to change the voices over to japanese was also a very nice touch.

I enjoyed the story mode quite abit. The fact that you have to face multiple enemies in a round was very cool. Arcade mode was so amazingly harder i wussed out hardcore. Sadly Vader’s story was pretty lame, although it is a fighting game and it is just a random copy-pasted villan from another universe. “Hey guys, i know how to market ‘The Force Unleashed’ to the public! We’ll put random characters from the game into another game before release!” Yeah, quite a shameless plug.

And oh my god, i’m sorry if i’m alone here, but the battle commentator got SOOOO annoying SOOOOO quickly. “LOVE, PASSION, SOUL CALIBUR” get over it Namco.

The one amazing positive was the character creation. Being a fan of the sims and all that jazz i slurped it up.

So, what is this game worth to me?


$50 is a cheap boobjob

$50 is a cheap boobjob

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