So, I hear you like Chimchars…

I mean, for one, you can teach it Grass Knot and totally own Mudkip.

So this week we’re looking at My Pokemon Ranch, one of Nintendo’s WiiWare titles. I noticed late last week that it was available (I tend to try not visiting the Shopping Channel, as it usually means spending money on games I already own two or three copies of – Link to the Past, I’m looking at you) and grabbed some Wii Points straight away. It was really a no-brainer for me: I’m a huge Pokemon fan, I’d purchased Pokemon Box for the Gamecube, and this was much the same thing for the Wii, plus my Pearl was becoming dangerously close to being full.

There’s not much to say about Pokemon Ranch; either you’re enough of a Pokemon fan to see the usefulness of storing 1000 pokemon on your Wii and the opportunity to get a legit Mew or you’re just not interested in that kind of a thing. There’s not really a middle ground where you might be swayed one way or the other. I fall into the first category having bred more than 100 of the same Pokemon so that I could have one with particular moves, nature and gender, and doing this on more than one occasion.

Ready to cleanse the world of Water and Flying Pokemon.

Ready to cleanse the world of Water and Flying Pokemon.

If that sounds like your thing, then you’ll be pleased to know that it’s worth

AUD$15 (1000 Wii Points)

It’s a great piece of utility software that gives Pokemon fans the chance to get some rare Pokemon that might be otherwise unobtainable.

Incidentally, the game sells for 1000 points (I know, I know, this is the second time in as many weeks that I’ve brought up the game’s cost, but it’s kind of relevant and it’s not like you can really shop around for it). And for the record, Pokemon Box: Ruby & Sapphire set me back AUD$49.95 when it came out, although it did come with a Link Cable (normally $29.95), that still makes it a $20 game. So I think Pokemon Ranch is actually quite well priced on Nintendo’s behalf.
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