Video Game Collection – moh0k – 03/03/12

Hey Hey!

I just felt like doing an old fashioned, e-penis enlarging, look at my game collection post. Sadly, it is alittle on the small side at the moment and I’m too lazy to take better pictures than mobile phone pictures.


First up we have mostly modern stuff and a few retro things. I’m not going to go through and list everything that is there. What’s there is there. If something is too blurry or too Japanese, too bad. I’m lazy.


And here is the rest, almost all retro stuff. Except for PSP I suppose…. I guess they’ll become retro in the next few years though.


Some bits of hardware. Yeah, I know, It’s messy.


And the rest of my hardware.

So that’s it for the moment. If you are interested in what retro gems i might have that you haven’t been able to pick out from the photos feel free to check out my Retro Collect Game Database.

Thanks for having a look. Feel free to comment and tell me how pathetic and stupid my collection is, Or how awesome and wicked it is.

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