What I’m Playing – moh0k – 03/03/12

Hello again!

Just wanted to make a quick post about what I’m playing at the moment.

Eden Eternal (PC)


I’ve slowed down with this game. Don’t really know how seriously I’m going to take it with study at the moment.

Cities XL 2012 (PC)


At the recommendation of phreakindee (Lazy Game Reviews) I decided to grab this because it was on sale on Steam for $10. Man, was it worth it! This is as close as we are going to get a new version of Simcity until Maxis decides to finally make a proper sequel to Simcity 4.

Alice Madness Returns™ (PC)


I’m making my way through this now after just finishing American McGee’s Alice yesterday. I’m about 20% of my way through.

DoomRL (PC)


Yet again an amazing recommendation from phreakindee. This is a rouge-like game based on the doom universe, mainly the first 2 games. It is extremely addictive. I recommend grabbing it now, it’s the best kind of price, free! Grab it here. If you want more details watch phreakindee’s video in the link above.

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