Aren’t Those For Kids?

So despite racking up some more hours in a galaxy far, far away I picked up a bunch of games last week that are getting most of my attention.

Shinobi (3DS) is fun, in an old-school you’re-going-to-die-hundreds-of-times-to-get-through-each-frame kind of way.

Dragon Quest VI (DS) seems to be pretty much what you would expect from having played any other Dragon Quest game.

Epic Mickey (Wii) has been almost wholly disappointing after hearing such good things about it and then taking such a long time to actually buy it. The camera controls are terrible, which makes a 3D platformer become frustrating. I think I need to reposition the Wii Sensor Bar and try again.

The Last Story (Wii) has surprised me. I’ve invested about eight hours, and I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen so far – especially being able to dye all the clothes/armours that the heroes wear. Colour co-ordination and dress-ups are what make a good game, right?

Metal Gear Solid 3D (3DS) is not a very portable game. Nevertheless, I’ve put in almost as much time here as with The Last Story. Also, it has an EXTREME difficulty mode in which, when an enemy sees you, the game ends. A Kojima Production.

I wanted to talk about a bunch of other things: League of Legends and Why I Stopped Playing, Double Fine Adventure!, Mass Effect – but those will have to get pushed to another post.

So, what are you playing? Tell me about your “Epic Mickey”; that game that you waited for and it let you down. Let me in on your disappointments so I can feel better about mine.

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