Gotta something ’em all!

July is Shameless Gaming Month, you can check out details here, a time for reflection on the Pile of Shame that’s been left, neglected, unfinished, unplayed. It’s already the 2nd and I haven’t yet finished my preparations, so I’m not sure how successful this is going to be; there’s also the Steam Summer Sale looming, and we all know how that ended last year. Still, SGM is about setting and achieving your own goals, it’s not a competition – even if I am in it to win it.

So here’s a snapshot of my current-gen console games; Steam library is another tale entirely. For starters I’d like to finish Skyward Sword and Amnesia, since I’ve already put a bit of time in each of them.

That’ll be my goal this week, which should also give me time to plan for the rest of the month.


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