Oh, Yeah?

So for $99 I can play a handful of crappy Android apps, and a handful of probably decent indie games, on my TV.
I can connect an Xbox360 controller to my PC and do that now.

I also assume that these guys have done little to no market research. Sure, they’ve got the “nerd” numbers – but the customers they need if they’re going to crack into the market aren’t the ones savvy enough to follow a Kickstarter, they’re the ones that don’t even know how to shop online. A huge percentage of the population aren’t going to be able to really use this machine. They’ll get frustrated once and it’ll be given away or packed away and forgotten. And it’s only $99 – that’s cheap enough to use once or twice and forget; it’s still in the “child’s toy” price range.

I know I’m getting my grumpy on today, but I’ll keep my $99 thanks, and spend it on real games, on a real games platform.

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