Why does everything have maintenance on the same night?

It’s not even funny…


Aren’t Those For Kids?

So despite racking up some more hours in a galaxy far, far away I picked up a bunch of games last week that are getting most of my attention.

Shinobi (3DS) is fun, in an old-school you’re-going-to-die-hundreds-of-times-to-get-through-each-frame kind of way.

Dragon Quest VI (DS) seems to be pretty much what you would expect from having played any other Dragon Quest game.

Epic Mickey (Wii) has been almost wholly disappointing after hearing such good things about it and then taking such a long time to actually buy it. The camera controls are terrible, which makes a 3D platformer become frustrating. I think I need to reposition the Wii Sensor Bar and try again.

The Last Story (Wii) has surprised me. I’ve invested about eight hours, and I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen so far – especially being able to dye all the clothes/armours that the heroes wear. Colour co-ordination and dress-ups are what make a good game, right?

Metal Gear Solid 3D (3DS) is not a very portable game. Nevertheless, I’ve put in almost as much time here as with The Last Story. Also, it has an EXTREME difficulty mode in which, when an enemy sees you, the game ends. A Kojima Production.

I wanted to talk about a bunch of other things: League of Legends and Why I Stopped Playing, Double Fine Adventure!, Mass Effect – but those will have to get pushed to another post.

So, what are you playing? Tell me about your “Epic Mickey”; that game that you waited for and it let you down. Let me in on your disappointments so I can feel better about mine.

Virtua Fighter’s Akira Yuki joins Dead or Alive 5!

So nice

I have to say, I’m not really that excited about the idea of Akira from Virtua Fighter being in DOA 5. The main thing that made me want to share this video is how nice the character redesigns of Ayane and Kasumi are. They have a slightly more mature and realistic look to their faces now and I’m really looking forward to playing the full game just to get a better look at them!

Thanks to IGN for the news information and the video.

Ashe Montage – League of Legends

Just a quick piece of promotional work. Although I’ve left League of Legends alone recently, it’s still played by many people every day (think of a number bigger than 6). One of those people is a friend of mine who has put together a montage for one of the champions – Ashe. I actually make an appearance in in a few of the shots. Check it out below.

Review – DoomRL – moh0k – 04/02/12

You want to play a rouge-like style game, but you are sick of fantasy settings? You want to play Doom but you want a different spin on the game play?


The title screen. Very nice background art reminiscent of the original Doom box art

Enter DoomRL, a rouge-like game based on the Doom franchise made famous by the wonderful people of id software. DoomRL has been around for awhile now, however only recently has it been given graphics. Before that it was just simple ASCII characters. Oh man, do i love those 16 bit style pixel characters though. Makes the little retro gamer inside me all happy.


Hope this guy is a fan of combat shotguns...

Just to help give you an idea if you are reading this in the future (or the past, oh god no) This is based on version


Invincibility has got to be the best powerup

So what’s it like? I personally have never made any real attempt at playing a rouge-like before, but oh boy do i enjoy this game! It’s a turn based game where each time you move, or shoot, or reload (yes, even that) you use a turn and every enemy on the map moves a tile or performs an action. This may seem slightly hum drum and boring but trust me, it’s heaps of fun. If you are already a fan of these style of games then this is a no-brainer, if you haven’t already played it, do so now!


The chaingun is a very useful weapon, still not as fun as the shotgun though

There are 3 player classes:







One the of the funnest parts of the game was an arena level i encountered during my trip through the Phobos levels and i willingly tortured myself with wave after wave of enemies just to see what i could obtain as a reward.


Welcome to Hell's Arena, mortal!

I’ll leave the surprise up to you, but I’ll just say it’ll help with the first boss fight, the 2 bruiser brothers.


These 2 guys can be pretty tough

So far the furthest i have gotten through is all of Phobos and then the last level of (maybe?) Deimos. I was last fighting the Cyberdemon. He handed my ass to me on a silver rocket to the face.


This guys is crazy, he doesn't mess about. He will kill you and everything you love

Another thing that i really enjoy being a Doom fan since the original is the inclusion of the original Doom music. It really sent shivers up my spine the first time hearing it again after so long and it really helps set the mood of the game.

I may cover the game more in a “What I’m Playing” article. For the moment that’s all i really want to say about it. If you want more of a feel of the game, feel free to have a look at a game play video I’ve recorded for your convenience:

If you would like another point of view, please visit phreakindee’s blog and check out his overview of it. His online show “Lazy Game Reviews” has been a favourite of mine for awhile.

If this seems like a good time (trust me it is!) Then just grab it from their site! It’s free! Grab it here.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed! Please comment with any opinions or advice. Hope you visit again!

What I’m Playing – moh0k – 03/03/12

Hello again!

Just wanted to make a quick post about what I’m playing at the moment.

Eden Eternal (PC)


I’ve slowed down with this game. Don’t really know how seriously I’m going to take it with study at the moment.

Cities XL 2012 (PC)


At the recommendation of phreakindee (Lazy Game Reviews) I decided to grab this because it was on sale on Steam for $10. Man, was it worth it! This is as close as we are going to get a new version of Simcity until Maxis decides to finally make a proper sequel to Simcity 4.

Alice Madness Returns™ (PC)


I’m making my way through this now after just finishing American McGee’s Alice yesterday. I’m about 20% of my way through.

DoomRL (PC)


Yet again an amazing recommendation from phreakindee. This is a rouge-like game based on the doom universe, mainly the first 2 games. It is extremely addictive. I recommend grabbing it now, it’s the best kind of price, free! Grab it here. If you want more details watch phreakindee’s video in the link above.

Video Game Collection – moh0k – 03/03/12

Hey Hey!

I just felt like doing an old fashioned, e-penis enlarging, look at my game collection post. Sadly, it is alittle on the small side at the moment and I’m too lazy to take better pictures than mobile phone pictures.


First up we have mostly modern stuff and a few retro things. I’m not going to go through and list everything that is there. What’s there is there. If something is too blurry or too Japanese, too bad. I’m lazy.


And here is the rest, almost all retro stuff. Except for PSP I suppose…. I guess they’ll become retro in the next few years though.


Some bits of hardware. Yeah, I know, It’s messy.


And the rest of my hardware.

So that’s it for the moment. If you are interested in what retro gems i might have that you haven’t been able to pick out from the photos feel free to check out my Retro Collect Game Database.

Thanks for having a look. Feel free to comment and tell me how pathetic and stupid my collection is, Or how awesome and wicked it is.